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Jackal Trick is a translation from the french term 'coup de chacal'. It's often used in the cycling world when a rider sneaks up on the peleton and then makes a mad dash to the finish line, winning the race! :) 

As we're an English company, we thought it was only right to have a an English name (and it sounds cool ;) ).

These are our 4 different products and services. We have chosen to differentiate between them by giving them a unique name.

Go to our homepage and click on the LEARN MORE buttons relevant to each product to find out what they're actually about. 

Have you ever configured a car online? This is the best way to describe it! You will be able to pick a product from the PERFORM range and then re-configure the colours to suit you (from a select number of available colours).

Our TRANSFORM range will be available to purchase through our website before the end of March 2018.

Our winter clothing is almost ready now. We realise that we're a little late, but were taking our time to ensure that it's fantastic! 

We'll send a mailshot out once our winter gear goes LIVE! 


We haven't strictly defined a time frame yet but it will probably be decided by popularity. Our aim is to give you enough choice with frequent change so that there is always something new for you to try. You won't have to wait for the new seasons designs to see something different. 

We will be constantly listening to our customers opinions to gauge what you want and when!

We buy our fabric from  premium Italian manufacturers who have a wealth of experience supplying into the cycling industry. 

customer service

At this moment in time we are only selling online. We will keep you posted on when we open our doors to the public. 

Yes. We've decided to limit sales to the UK to begin with so that we can deliver a great service the UK first. 

When we start to ship outside of the UK we will ensure everyone is made aware.

Please remember your products will be hand made as soon as we receive your order. The expected UK delivery times are regularly updated on the homepage of our website.

These delivery times will change based on how many orders we've got going through production at the time. 

Please ensure you check this homepage prior to ordering to avoid disappointment.

Items not covered by Jackal Tricks warranty are typically the following:

-Accidental damage of any description.

-Any items not purchased directly from Jackal Trick Limited.

-Disregard of care instructions, resulting in fading or shrinkage.

-Dirty, faded, dusty or soiled products which have been stored inappropriately, for an extended period of time.

-Rips, tears, pilling and abrasions, holes and burns caused by accident or in use.

For full warranty details please refer to our Warranty page.


Please refer to our returns policy. 

We're really sorry if you are not happy with the product or service from Jackal Trick. We strive to have happy customers so please don't hestitate to contact us at complaints@jackaltrick.co.uk

We're sorry, but as our returns policy states, we cannot accept a return without the original packaging.


Jackal Trick is always looking for individuals with the passion to learn and develop. It's not just a 9 to 5 job, we really need people who want to work for us and make a difference! Contact us at recruitment@jackaltrick.co.uk if you think you have what it takes

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