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April 02, 2018

Cutting Edge

Last week Jackal Trick was invited to Sweden as a guest speaker at a 3D digitisation conference. Not ones for name dropping, but there were some pretty interesting fashion designers and companies present!

We are one of very few companies who are using 3D technology and it is expected to take the fashion industry by storm over the next few years.

We’re lucky to be part of something so special and want everyone to be aware of where the industry is going.


The customer is always expecting more and the next step is getting clothes that fit your personal body shape and size. Never mind the fact that we’re using 3D body scanning for cyclewear, imagine you could come to our store, get scanned and we could send your unique body measurements off to Burberry for them to make their latest clothing range to fit you.

Why not?


Not only is the industry trying to push this on behalf of the customer, but we are also trying to push this to improve the environment. The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world . With the use of 3D digitisation, it can reduce the development waste by a significant amount, but also not waste copious amounts of materials on stocking millions of the same garment that never sells!

There are soooooo many good reasons why we should push this great technology so please spread the word and put some thought to how you could potentially help in the quest for this!

Forward this onto people that aren’t even cyclists! By collaborating with other fashion gurus in the UK we could become the leading country for this innovative technology!

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